Carriage rides around Ojców and Ojców National Park

We invite you for unforgettable carriage rides through the picturesque Prądnik Valley in Ojców and Ojców National Park.

Rides in the Prądnik Valley is a tradition dating back to the bend of the 19th century and the times of the Ojców Health Resort. Former patients, riding on horse-drawn carriages, admired picturesque corners, rocks, gates and ravines at the clatter of hooves. Times have changed, however, and today you can still listen to the clatter of horse hooves as in the old days.
A carriage ride

Sightseeing routes

Ride in horse carriages

Ride in horse carriages

Horse-drawn carriage ride at the end of the school trip

We recommend additionally at the end of the school trip a carriage ride with a bonfire and sausages and tea

A bonfire with sausages and tea and carriage rides for school groups (1 britz for a group of 25-35 people, 2 britzas for a group of 36-50 people) depending on the size of the group.

Walks after about 20 minutes for several people with carers, the other people in the meantime are baking sausages around the campfire and sipping tea. Recommended for pre-school and school groups! The extra cost is 25 PLN / person. in case of connection with one of the selected trip routes. The price applies to a minimum of 25 paying participants!

Choosing the campfire option itself with a ride for a school group is the cost of:

PLN 49 / person for a group of 25-35 people
PLN 39 / person for groups from 36-50 people

dodatkowo do programu wycieczki szkolnej

same ognisko z przejażdżką dla grupy 25-35 os. 49 zł/os.
same ognisko z przejażdżką dla grupy 36-50 os. 39 zł/os.


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