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Ojców from old times - The history of one photo

Sometimes we get a photo from Ojców, which even the greatest fans of Ojców, Prądnik Valley and Ojcowski National Park are surprising ... This is one of them. We are curious if you will recognize this place before you read about it!

If you have only been to Ojcow and Ojcowski National Park, then certainly, next to this place, you have passed. And yet you can hardly recognize them today by looking at this unique photo from 1927-1937.

 The dry eye will recognize the shape of the entrance to the cave from which this photo was taken. Today you can also enter it and take such a picture. However, what we will see today will be different from this photograph.

Yes. This is the Cow's Cave. Do you know where we are?

However, the landscape of what can be seen in the picture is very different from what we can see today. You can see here wooden buildings with a stream flowing from the right side and a bridge on the road. Soon! If this view from the Krowia Cave is on the right side, behind this bridge in the picture is the Krakowska Gate (!) And somewhere in the place of the Bardons should be the Source of Love (!).

Everything is correct. That's exactly how it is today. It used to be different.

Both of these buildings do not exist today, they are the former buildings of the mill and this stream is an ordinary contemporary race mill that flowed between the road and the cave. The Source of Love that we know today is already, and although it is not well seen in this photograph, it is seen in the distance a lonely tree (now no longer existing) under which it is located. In the picture below, from that period, you can see the tree and the concrete part of the mill that leads directly to the mill's wheel (!) Visible in both photographs.

Źródło MIłości w Ojcowie - Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe

The road visible in the picture was created in the years 1927-1928 was to connect Cracow with Ojcow and then it was decided to transfer the straight from the Krakowska Gate source known as the Source of Love in the place known to us today. Today this road is called "serpentine" and is closed to traffic.

A lot has changed since then.

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Picture source: National Digital Archive / Concern Illustrated Daily Courier - Archive Illustration