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A family sleigh ride in Ojców

We invite you on this Friday for a family sleigh ride to Ojców. Let the end of Lesser Poland winter holidays be unforgettable!

For family 20-25 minute horse rides with a bonfire with sausages we invite you on 25/01/2019. from 12:00 - 16:00 (max time possible by bonfire until 16:30, last ride at 16:00!)

Reservation: +48 12 6813692

- When booking, please indicate the selected hour of horse riding.
- Miejse on 1 sleigh is for max. 5 people, possibly 6 - 7 if there are also tiny children on their knees.
- Duration: ride in a britzka or sleigh about 20 - 25 minutes, time by the fire as per the discretion, recognize the focus at. 12:00 - end of the bonfire at 16:30!
- On-site possibility to use the catering point and purchase additional drinks, meals - also dinner meals !.
- Place the meeting in Ojców at the confirmation of the booking!

- travel by sleigh takes place in turns, rides about 20 - 25 minutes with one family
- there will be 2 carriages or 2 pairs of sleighs at the disposal of the group.

Deadlines: 25.01-25.01.2019

- three-person family - 139 PLN
- a 4-person family - 149 PLN
- a five-person family - PLN 159

Board: according to the program of the event (ZPR)
- sausage baked on the campfire

Transport: on its own
Attention! On request of groups, it is possible to organize travel by coach or bus - Call and find out more!

price includes
- travel by sleigh or carriage depending on the weather conditions,
- bonfire with sausage,
- care of a person from the office

The price does not include
- access to kulig (it is possible to organize - Call +48 12 6813692 and find out more!)