Interesting facts

700th anniversary of the coronation of Łokietek as king of Poland

On January 20, 1320, at the hands of the Archbishop of Gniezno Janisław, at the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, Władysław Łokietek solemnly adopted the crown becoming the King of Poland.

"So when Sunday came," wrote the chronicler Jan Długosz, "the feast of Saint. Fabian and Sebastian, all states and layers, prelates and Polish gentlemen went to Krakow. Archbishop of Gniezno Janisław during a solemn mass of the Holy Spirit celebrated in the Krakow cathedral, assisted by the Bishop of Kraków Muskata and the Poznań Domarat, and abbots from Tyniec, Mogilno, Jędrzejów and Brzesko, in covers and mugs, and a large crowd of powerful lords and nobles anointing Prince Władysław Łokietek as King, and his wife, Prince Jadwiga of Poznań Bolesław, on the queen. He crowns them with royal crowns, which with apple, scepter and other royal insignia were also transferred from Gniezno to Krakow. This day passed extremely solemnly among general joy (...). Since then, the Wawel cathedral received for the first time the distinctive privilege of crowning Polish kings, which it was to use forever (...). It was also decided to hold coronations of Polish kings and queens in the Krakow cathedral in the future. "

Władysław Łokietek used the following insignia for coronation: the crown, scepter, apple and ceremonial sword called Szczerbiec. From that moment, Krakow became the capital of the Kingdom of Poland, at the same time ending the time of the division of the country.