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From Krakow to Ojcow
You can reach Ojcow from Krakow in many ways, but I will present the three most popular routes.

Route 1
The first route leads along route no. 94 Krakow - Olkusz, the so-called the Olkusz route. From the center of Krakow, we head north towards the exit to Olkusz (near Makro, Ikea). Later we will have to drive along the side of the route, about 16 km towards Olkusz. Then, in the town of Murownia, we turn right into a road on which car traffic is prohibited. We still have about 6 km to the center of Ojców, most of this road leads from the hill with interesting serpentines. The length of the entire route from the center of Krakow to the center of Ojców is approx. 27 km.

- we're going on an asphalt roadside
- interesting final section (descent to Ojcow)

It is very interesting to get by bike from Krakow to Ojtsov for online casino players. The first route is very often chosen by сasinos players from Krakow - Olkusz, from the center of Krakow we leave for Olkusz and drive along the side of the highway for about 16 km. There is also a route that is less often chosen by online casino players through the city of Murovnia, where the length of the entire route is about 27 km.
- heavy car traffic (noise, exhaust gases)
- several driveways

Route 2
The second route is a proposal for people who like a bit slower driving on roads not only asphalt. It runs along the red hiking trail called Trail of the Eagles' Nests. The trail starts its route in Kraków on the Krowodrza estate near the bus and tram terminus. After leaving the city we go by side roads, dirt roads, asphalt roads, gravel roads. After about 10 km of the trail we reach the Prądnik Valley, from this place almost all the time we go to Ojcow through a narrow asphalt road along the valley, of course, we are always following the red trail. The length of the entire route from the center of Krakow is approx. 24 km.

- a varied route
- small car traffic
- the route is just right for people who do not like monotony

- in places, it can be mud and slippery (for some it is a huge plus)!

From Miechów to Ojcow
Route 1
From Miechów we leave the road to Gołęka next to the PKP station by Komorów, Biskupice and Rzeżuśnia. In Gołcza, turn left onto Wysocice. In the center of Wysocice, turn right in the direction of Skała. On the right, we pass the historic church. Then we reach Gołyszyn, from where we climb the road up to Barbark, where we turn left and go down to Minoga. On the right we pass the newly renovated manor with the park team, and then the historic church. Behind Minoga, we reach the road Iwanowice-Skała where we turn right and get to Skała, from where it is only a dozen minutes' drive to Ojców. The length of the route is approx. 30 km.

- small car traffic
- interesting views

- tiring driveways in Gołcza, Gołyszynie and Minoga
- several driveways

by Coach

There is no direct connection to Ojców.

Buses leave from the main bus station in Krakow towards Skała and Czajowice - timetable and prices are available on the website

by BUS

by Modlnica, Szyce, Wielka Wieś, White Church, Czajowice, Jerzmanowice, Sąspów, Wola Kalinowska | Departure ul. Stone 8

06:00 R
06:20 S
08:00. R
10:40 R, S, N
13:40 R, S, N
15:20 R
17:10 R
19:05 R, S, N

R - business days
S - Saturdays
N - Sundays - runs from 01/05 to 30/09

source: UNIBUS

09:35 R, S, N
11:50 R, S, N
14:20 R
16:20 R
18:20 R, S, N

R - business days
S - Saturdays
N - Sundays - runs from 01/05 to 30/09

source: UNIBUS

Timetable from the bus stop in Ojców

Dojazd Busem do Ojcowa


Dojazd Busem do Ojcowa - Kraków Skała Olkusz


Departures from Olkusz (railway station), departures from Krakow (Nowy Kleparz)

Source: Koczwara

Warning! We do not take any responsibility for changes in the timetable that carriers introduce!

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by Kraków City Transport Company [MPK Kraków]

MPK Kraków supports zone No. 210 Krakow-Będkowice through Czajowice, from where you can go through the village about 20 minutes to the borders of Ojców National Park and further towards Łokietek's cave, about 10 minutes. That's why they run black and blue trails to Ojców - see schedule.