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§ 1

1. The whole of nature on area of Park the protection be subject to, the special features of scenery as well as the objects of national heritage. The meeting, behaviour of the whole of natural ecosystems is the superior aim of Park together with with conditions their functioning as well as reproducing distorted the and disappearing links of native nature.

2. The protection of nature the every working on terrain of Park be subordinated and they have before all precedence different workings. 


§ 2

Spending on terrain of Park the captured in regulations recipes are in force as well as the complying to recommendations of workers of Park, members of Guard of Protection Nature and the Social Guardians of Nature. 

§ 3


The moving after terrain of Park be permissible after marked touristic routes exclusively and bicycle. 

§ 4

1. Using combustion vehicles and horse it be permissible on appointed public roads exclusively.

2. The stop and the stop of mechanical vehicles and horse it be permissible in places to this appointed only.

3. Bicycles drive after Park be permissible after public roads only and appointed for bicycles routes.

4. Horsemanship be permissible after hardened from total disconnection Castle Park roads exclusively. 

§ 5

Growing sport and organization touristic events can be to hold after receipt the agreement of Manager of Park only. 

§ 6

Collective trips can tour the Park under care entitled by management of the guides' Park only. Served by one guide participants' quantity it can not cross 50 persons. 

§ 7

They on terrain of Park be illicit every to destroy can working or to alter natural scenery or his elements, and in peculiarity:

1. removing, decay, damaging vegetable garment;

2. savagely growing plants' gathering or their part, fruit, mushrooms;

3. seizing, frightening away and savagely living animals' killing, decay holes and animal beds, bird's nests, choice eggs;

4. decay and damaging trees and different plants;

5. decay soil, damaging and extraction rocks and minerals;

6. extraction the animals' remnants, mineral plants and the diging up the silts of caves;

7. disturbing silence;

8. kindling and smoking fires pose here and there to this appointed;

9. littering and dirtying soil; waters and air;

10. decay and damaging cultural relics;

11. leading out dogs without tether;

12. the leadership of trade activity without agreement of Manager of Park;

13. the placing the boards, inscriptions, advertising notices and different signs without agreement of Manager of Park;

14. appointed camping the pose by Manager of Park here and there;

15. penetration of caves. 

§ 8.

The decisions of present regulations concern the persons also and the institution of leaders the economic activity on terrain of Park. 

§ 9.

The service of Park has the right of verification of spending on terrain of Park persons as well as putting and the exaction the grzywien in road of penal mandates for non warnings the recipes about protection of Park and the present regulations. 

§ 10.

Spending in Paternal National Park it entrusts in intact natural supplies state care over behaviour and cultural. 

§ 11.

Legal acts with basis of present regulations are following:

- The Law about protection of nature with day 12.12.1991 r. ( the Dz. the U. No. 114 with day 12.12.1991 r., poz. 492)

- Instructions of 27 Minister of Protection of environment, Natural Supplies' No. and the Forestry with day 09.07.1992 the r. in matter of conferment of charter the Paternal National Park.

- Decree ofCabinet's with day 8.08.97 in matter of creation of Paternal National Park ( the Dz. the U. No. 99 with day 21.08.1997 r., poz. 607).



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